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To filter messages

By default, the view mode is for all the messages received the current month. You are able to change the messages view by year, by month, by week or by day.

By default, the filtering of the messages, on the list, is done by date, but you are able to change it by clicking on the headers of the list "Subject" or "Date".

Read received message

Click on the subject of the message or the thumbnail to open it. When opened, you will be able to know the recipients of the message, the subject and the content of the message.

If an audio or video recording is linked to the message, click on the button "Read the audio/video message" in order to watch/listen the recording.

Reply to the sender

When the message is opened, you will be able to reply with the buttons placed on the footer of the windows which are: "Reply to sender" and "Reply to all"

Send message

  • Click on "New message" on the top of the message menu, or use the options "Reply to sender ", or "Reply to all" when a received message is opened ;
  • Enter a subject for the message and click on  "Click here to add recipients" ;
  • Then select all recipients for this message by sliding them to the recipients list ;
  • Click on "Done" to confirm your recipients list ;
  • You are then able to write your message and/or record an audio/video message ;
  • In order to add an audio/video message, you need to have the required peripherals connected to your computer. If you have differents cameras and microphones on your computer, you will be able to choose which one to use.
  • To start recording, click on "Attach an audio/video message" then click on "Record". The maximum length of a recording is 5 minutes ;
  • When you are done recording, click on "End of recording" ;
  • If you like your recording, click on "Use this recording". Otherwise, delete your recording and record again by clicking on "Delete recording " ;
  • When your message is appropriate, send your message by clicking on "Send the message".

Email notification

Whenever an user receives a new message on Via, an email notification is sent to the user. The user will then need to click on the link in the email to be redirected to the message. Keep in mind that each user can deactivate this option in their "My profile" menu.

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