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This section allows you to store documents, polls and white boards to quickly reuse them in all your activities. Each user has their own library. Consequently, you have a reserved space in the server for your library.

Add a folder

The platform allows you to create new folders to filter and quickly find your documents. You can add a new folder with the "New Folder" button , and by giving it a name.

Add content

In an empty folder, The add option is directly on the middle of the folder. Otherwise, The options are placed on the top right corner of the folder.

It is possible to add one or more documents into your Via's content. First you will need to positionate yourself in the folder where you want the document to be and then click on "Add document " It is a similar process when adding documents to your activity.

Content handling

When your content is already uploaded to your library, you can :   

  •  Download  it to get it back into your computer 
  •  Move  it, if you need to move to an other folder  
  •  Rename it
  •  Delete it

You can rename the folder or delete it with the help of the options shown when you click on the folder.

Use your documents and polls in your activity

When the document is uploaded to your library, it can be used as many times as you wish in your online activities without the need of uploading it again. You need to select the option "Import from my contents" in the "Add/manage content" menu of the activity, in order to link a document in your library to your activity. This is a practical option when you use the same content through different activities. The same steps goes into importing polls.

    Important note : when deleting your content from your library, these remain available in the activities you associated them in.

Library maximum size

You will be able to know the available space at the bottom of the list. The maximum size can be increased; Check with your Via administrator.

"Symbols" Tab

This tab allows you to manage pictures and GIFs. These images can be used as regular documents in your activities.

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