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Available activities list

It is in this section that you will be able to view all information relative to each activity. To access an activit , click on the appropriate button :

  • When the activity is in progress or thirty (30) minutes before the beginning, the status changes to "Access" ;
  • When the activity has ended and recordings are available, you will be able to watch them by clicking on "Recordings" ;
  • If you are the host or an animator and the activity has not started yet, you will be able to prepare the activity by clicking on "Preparation".

Activity details

You will be able to see all information about the activity : title, presentation message, available recordings, Public documents, Activity's type, time and duration, Type of audio (Phone or IP voice) and the participants list. If it is an activity by phone, you will also find all the information to enter by phone. Below the information table, these buttons are shown :

  • Delete : Deletes the activity completely, after confirmation (if you have the rights);
  • Access ou Preparation : Allows you to enter the activity immediately. The "Preparation" option is only available to the host and the animators before the activity starts;
  • Add presentation message : Gives you the possibility to add a welcoming message which may contain an audio/video message;
  • Open the presentation message : See message.

Recordings section

This section includes all the recordings. The visibility and the options for the recording vary depending on your rights in the portal.

If you are in a personal or permanent activity , all recordings may not be displayed. You need to select a time range using the date options and click on "Apply".

Documents and surveys section

The option "Manage content" allows the host and animators to import and manage the documents they are going to use in the activity.

Participants section

This sections contains useful information and management options. Here is a list of information you will see :

  • Received : When the user clicks on the email invitation, a green checkmark with a "Yes" mention will appear ;
  • Available : When a confirmation is asked, you will be able to know quickly the availability of the participants ;
  • Telephone : Participant's public phone number (the user needs to switch their phone number to public in their profil) ;
  • Message : Allows you to quickly send a private message to the user ;
  • Configuration : This option allows you to know the information collected by the setup wizard ;
  • Connection : The quality of the connection according to the Via setup wizard. In case the indicator is red, that means the user does not meet the minimal requirements and may have issues when entering the activity.

Participants section - Attendance management

When the attendance management is activated and the activity has ended, the animators and managers of the activity will see the attendance status and connection times of each participant. They will be able to export PDF or .CSV reports to file them.

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