The usergroups help you simplify the task of adding users to your activities. When the group has been added to the activity, The group automatically synchronizes the users of the group with the activity.

By adding or removing users in the group, it also affects the users added to the activities the group is already added to. 

*You need to be a coordinator or administrator in order to access these options.

View group content

When a group is selected on the left side list, the participants will be shown on the right side list of the menu and the edit options will appear. You will then be able to delete, edit the users in the group and save the changes.

Set user type for the participant in group

Click on "Users selection" in order to manage the list and the user types.

User types

The first time the group synchronizes with the activity, the present users in the group are added to the activity with their specific user types , depending on the configuration you first did. You may want to change all users to participants or animators, to do that you will need to click on the header of the list.

It is important to note that you will be able to change these types in each activity. If you change these types in the group, the changes will synchronize throughout the activities the group is already synchronized with.

For example, an user with a participant type in the group will be synchronized as a participant when added to the activity.  If you edit the type of the user in the group as an animator, the user will then be synchronized as an animator throughout all activities his group is in.

Users selection

You can filter the list of users (left list) with the help of the search tab and drag and drop the users to the right list. .

Save changes

The changes done in the user list of the group are not saved automatically. You may want to use the buttons Back or Cancel if you don't want the changes to be saved. In order to save your changes, you will need to click on Save.

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