This menu allows the coordinators and administrators to create and manage user accounts. 

Search for users

You can find users by providing one or more of the following information :

Last name, first name, username, email and user type.

If one or more users are found under the information given,they will be listed below the search options. In order to view all information about an user click on the arrow placed beside their name.

Gives you access to the information collected by the Setup Wizard of the user.

Allows you to export a detailed usage report of the platform for the user (see Usage report by user).
Allows you to view the groupes the user is in and quickly access to them.
In order to enter in the personal activity of the user, the direct link is available in their description.

Usage report by user

If you have one of the following rights: Financial manager, administrator or coordinator. You are able to export Usage reports for one or more users. This report is available to you by consulting the details of the user profile and clicking on "Reports".

In the "Search criteria" options, select a time frame for the report and choose the right Summary type. Then choose for which group you would like to summary to be created and click on Create Summary.

A Summary will be created on a .csv format with the respective information.

To access the full list of available reports for the administrators, please refer to the documentation explaining the differents reports generated by the Via platform.

Edit user

This option gives you access to the entirety of the user's information :

Delete one or more users

In order to delete an user, you will need to check the empty box beside their name on the list and click on the button "Delete" placed on the up right corner of the list, you can also delete multiple accounts by checking multiple boxes.

NB. If you would like to keep all data from the accounts, use the option Unactivated in the Modify menu.

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