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Configuration des périphériques et assistant de configuration
I.The new version of Via HTML is currently offered in "Beta" mode. We will keep you informed of future developments and will keep this documentation up to date.
II. This article describes how to configure your device to use Via HTML.


With SVIeSolutions' goal of offering you products and services aligned with the latest technologies, the Via platform has been completely redesigned to provide you with the best experience possible.

This article presents the product once connected to the activity room. If you would like to create an account or log in to the portal, see the article Access the Via Portal of my organisation.

Device configuration and configuration wizard

When you access a Via activity for the first time with a device or browser, you will need to validate that your device's peripherals (microphone and camera) are working properly. To help you with this, we have provided a device setup wizard in three easy steps.
I. You can skip the wizard using the "Skip the wizard" button;
II. You must authorize the use of the devices if your device requests it, otherwise you will not be able to use them once in the activity. The devices in question must be connected to your device;
III. Device authorization settings can be saved, depending on the browser and device.
Select the microphone to use from the "Device" drop-down list.

Click on "Next step".

Select the Video Camera to use from the "Device" drop-down list.

Click on "Next step".

Validate that you can hear the sound of the activity using the music the system is playing. If you cannot hear the music, your headphones or speakers are not available. Please check your device or contact IVS Technical Support.

Click on "I hear the music"  

Validate the operation of your devices using the preview. You can press the settings button  to change your device choices or to redo the configuration wizard.

Click on "Join the activity".

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