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My resources menu allows the administrators to view/create a list of resources(elements) and folders that can be linked or not to many courses/events. If a resource created by you is linked to a course/event, it will be impossible for you to delete it. You will first need to delete the element from the course/event, change the file or remove the link with the parent file.

The elements in the list have been previously created and saved by you or shared to you by another user. The list is separated by a few columns: the name of the element, the date it was last modified, the view of the file and the number of times it has been linked to courses/events.

To create a new resource or folder, you only need to click on the desired button on the top right corner of the menu, as shown on the image above.

Add / Export a resource

To add a new resource you need to click on the Add resource button, create the desired element for it to be in the list, as shown on the image above. 

You can also add an existing element from a course/event session to your resources by clicking on the arrow besides Manage and then Export, as framed on the picture below. Note that you have to be in Editing mode in order to see this option. Once exported, the element will be linked to the exported resource (added) in My resources menu.

Use / Manage resources

Once the resources are added/exported to My resources menu, you will need to modify those through the menu My resources because all the files in this menu are treated as parent files for the links made to each file. However, some settings can still be managed through the sessions.

You will then have access through this menu, in the resources settings, to three more tabs to manage the resources:

Sharing and rights

The list of users you are sharing the resource with can be found in this zone. With the Add user button on the top right corner, you will be able to share the resource with the users added to the list. Once you added the users, they will be able to access the information on their end through their own resources menu based on the rights granted. When new resources are added, they will be granted the same rights and access as the main folder.


The list of sessions and events the resource is linked to, can be found in this zone. the "Links" columns shows you how many times the resource has been linked to the same session.

Note that you will not be able to link or import this resource through this tab. In order to link or import this resource to a session, you will need to go into the resource and manually import the resource from your resources.


The results(only available for the resources Survey and Quiz) are based on the participant's answers that have been submitted. Furthermore, all data collected comes from all sessions or events the resource is linked to.

Note that in order to view the results from an specific session, you will need to open the session or event and choose the resource.

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