Enrolment to a session

You are able to see the available sessions through the following menus: Catalog, Dashboard and Calendar. There are filters available for you to filter the activities, if needed. Once you found the session you want to enrol to, the next step is to select the session by clicking on the Enrol button. It is possible that an administrator manually enrols you into a session. If you have been enroled by an administrator, you won't need to follow the steps below, Enrol for the next session. Note that you need to be logged into your Lara LMS account in order to enrol to a session or access it. If the option is available, you can resgister yourself into the portal by clicking on Register to the portal.

Enrol for the next session

Once you have found the session or event you want to enrol to and clicked on the title, you enter the full description page of the session in which you will also be able to enrol, as shown on the image above. On this page you will see the full price and the seats available for each session. If There is more than one session you can enrol to, they will be show one after the other vertically, you should also note that the organisation could have entered a seat limit for each session. When one or ore seats are available, you just need to chose the session and click on Enrol.

Billing address

After clicking on Enrol, another page will appear asking you for your billing address. If you have not yet signed in to the platform, a login page will appear asking you to log in. You can activate the option Save the address in my account for future use in order to avoid filling the form for each enrolment you make, once the form is filled and all information checked, click on Continue enrolment

Note that all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Payment method

By clicking on Continue enrolment, the details of the bill will appear with all the information of your billing address. In order to finalize the enrolment, you will need to choose the payment method, all options will be available on the left side of the menu. Select the method and follow the instructions, placed on the right side. The "Registration and Cancellation policy" will appear then you will be asked to "Agree to the terms" to continue. On the last step, review your information and click on Enrol to confirm.

Confirm your enrolment

Once you have confirmed your enrolment, all details of your transaction will appear and your reference number will be shown on the top of your receipt. Furthermore, if there is anymore instructions to finalize the enrolment they will be also shown with the receipt. According to your payment method, you may not be able to access the session right when you finalize your enrolment, you may need to wait for the payment to be received and confirmed on the platform.

Note that you can print this page by clicking on the button on the bottom of the page.

Access the session

To enter the sessions you have access to, you may go to the menu My courses and events or access to the session via your dashboard by clicking on the title of the session you are enrolled in. If by clicking on the session you still have no access to the content of the session, a message will appear to inform you why (Session has not started yet, payment not received/confirmed by the organisation, etc).

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