Session content for participants

Once you are enroled to a session, the session will appear in My courses and events. By clicking on the title of the session, you will be able view the content of the session and interact with it. You will also see some useful information like the points you have accumulated*, the percentage of completion*, the dates of the session, the title, etc. 

The first section of the session will be opened by default. *If these settings are activated by the instructor.

On the example above, the first section is called "Content" opens by default and includes 3 elements. You can see that the section is completed by x% for now. 

The last section of this session called "Certification" is locked as you can see, this is caused by the non-completion of a required item. However, you will still be able to navigate between the sections and see their content and see the conditions to unlock them.

In order to see the content of the section, you need to click on the section's title and interact with the content of it.

The different elements presented in a section are presented as a list. As you can see on the example above, the first element called "The menus of the platform" is completed and 10 points have been granted to the user, in the tab "Information" of the element you will be able to see anymore additional information you may need to know. The element webinar/virtual classroom may add another tab to the element called "recordings" by clicking on it you will be able to play recordings if the autorisation is granted to you.

If an element has the locked icon on its right side, it means it is unavailable for you for the moment. conditions have been added to it and you need to finish other content in order to see this one.

Conditions have been added to the element and you will need to complete them in order to unlock the content, conditions will be shown like on the example above. On this case the "Certification quiz" will be only available when the "Satisfaction survey" is completed.

Note that the elements are customizable and the displaying of a section or icons may change. As an example, the percentage of the completion may not be displayed.

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