User menus

The User menu shown on the left side of the Lära LMS screen allows you to easily navigate between the various menus. Depending on your role in your organization and the rights you are granted, menus may very and/or be unavailable.

The following are the different available menus:

  • Dashboard
  • My Courses and Events
  • Catalog
  • My Folder
  • My Messages
  • My Resources

For more information about the various menus, you can review the documentation for each menu by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

User Menus


The dashboard is the default page that you access after logging into your Lära LMS account. You will see several pieces of information such as an overview of your profile, your courses, as well as the courses and event catalogs related to your portal.

My Courses and Events

In this menu, you are able to see all trainings you are registered for.


You can see all available trainings you are not yet registered for and which you can register to at anytime.

My Folder

In this menu, you will have information about your trainings/events registration and completion. You can also edit your profile information such as your password or payment information.

My Forums and Messages

This menu is used to display your messages and contact other participants or groups in Lära LMS. It is also in this menu that you will be able to see all notifications sent to you.

My Resources

My resources allow you to save documents in your ("cloud") library for a future use.

You can also share them with other users (depending on your rights) and assign them to various training sessions and events on the platform.

Note that this menu will be mainly used by the editors of the sessions.

Learn more about Administrator Menus.

Learn more about Managing / Editing Sessions.

Learn more about Advanced Settings.

Learn more about Customization.

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