Introduction to Lära LMS

The Portal is the term used for the user login page where courses and event catalogs are shared. The platform is suitable for mobile devices, tablets and computers. Some features are optimized for computers and may be unusable on some devices. On this login page, if the course settings allows access to unauthenticated users, you will already be able to see some of the available courses. It should be noted that you must log in to your account in order to register or to access the content. All you have to do is log in to your account on the portal to access the courses that are not visible.

If you do not have a Lära LMS account yet and the option to register for the portal is available, a "Create an account" button will appear at the top right of the page. Click on it to create a new account on the portal. Fill in the requested fields in order to complete your registration.

By authenticating, you will have access to more contents and features. You will be able to 
enrol for the courses available in the Catalog. Depending on your role in your organization and the rights profile you are granted, you will have certain possibilities such as editing and administrating the Platform. For example, you will be able to manage your Lära LMS profile, view the completion of the various courses you are registered in, create courses / events, catalogs and much more!

You can sign out of your account at any time and from any page on the platform as long as you are not viewing or completing an element of your course. To do this, click on your name at the top right end of the screen and select "Disconnect".

When you authenticate, your dashboard is displayed by default. It is possible to navigate between the various sections of the menu simply by clicking on the desired section.

Using the three horizontal bars icon, framed in red in the following picture, you can minimize or display the menu on the left and thus, save space for displaying the content of the page.

Learn more about User Menus.

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Learn more about the Customization.

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