My folder

My folder menu allows you to visualize all information relative to your user account and progress of your training.

The menu holds 4 units :

  1. Overview
  2. Courses and events
  3. Profile
  4. Reference Cycles


The Overview zone contains the Regulation which is the period allocated to the self-declarations, the information about the user profile, the earned Certificates and the list showing the Courses and events you are registered to. On this page you will find a short summary of your user profile with an edit link which will direct you to your user profile to perform modifications. There will also be the Certificates zone which contains all certificates you have earned. By clicking on any certificate you have earned, you are able to download the certificate in PDF format. Lastly, by scrolling down, you find a summary list of the Courses and events you are registered to. To ease your research, you can use the filters and research tools for each available column.

My courses and events

My courses and events zone contains the full courses and events list you are registered to and their status. You are also able to generate a Training report and display it in a PDF format or on the screen. To ease your research, you can use the filters and research tools for each available column. On the far right of each enrolment displayed, an Options menu allows you to see the transactions and cancel the enrolment. 

See the transactions

This option allows you to access all the information related to the payment of the session. The full details of the payment include your Balance, your Billing adress following by the Transaction details and Refund. You can also see the confirmation for each transaction by clicking on the options icon. You are also able to print or export the list of your transactions statements in a XLSX or PDF format.


The Profile zone allows you to visualize and modify your Personal information, the information about Account, the information about your Organisation, your Contact information and  your Additionnal information

Note that only the information with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Billing address

You can also visualize and modify your Billing address in this same zone. Do not forget to save all modifications made to your profile with the Save button on the bottom of the page.

Reference cycles

The Reference cycles menu allows you to do a Self-declarationand to see the progress of your self-declared courses. The courses/events are also classified by subject or type of course/event.

In order to create a new self-declaration you have to click on the Add Self-declarations button.

Once the button is clicked, you will be able to select the event/course you want to create the self-declaration for.

In some cases, it will ask you for the exact session of the event/course

To select the event/course you have to check the empty box on the left side of the table and click on Continue. You can then create the self-declaration for the event/course selected.

You may be asked on which session you want to deposit the self-declaration.

When selected, you will see a page similar to the one above. 

The next button may be shown if there is more than one session to the event/course :

This button allows you to add a session or a workshop to the declaration of the course/event.

When it is completed, you need to enter the completion date and the numbers of hours completed. Note, there may be a limit to the hours you can enter in the self-declaration.

When all the information has been entered, you can submit the self-declaration or save as a draft.

Note that saving the draft will not submit the self-declaration.

Please note that some courses will ask you a proof and will have an additional step before the self-declaration is approved

You could be asked to bring on more precision if necessary.

When the self-declaration has been approved, a certificate will be generated if the course has one.

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